humor in anthropology


who's more foolish? the fool or the fool that follows him?


more on the riaa attacks.
coming full circle, anthropologically speaking.
The potential further exists for oppressive governments to use the revocation feature to censor what we see and hear. In this Orwellian scenario it would be possible to erase from the collective consciousness striking images of the lone student facing down a tank in Tiananmen Square, the "children overboard" photos, a pie-faced Bill Gates or any of hundreds of images, sounds and visions that define our cultural heritage if they embarrass those with political and economic clout.


heroes among us
You can vote for one of two puppets, but then you notice one guy is holding up both puppets. -bill hicks
too much is never enough.
this article needs the pic to go with it.
You are 77% geek
OK. There is such a thing as too much geekness. I suspect you're spending far too much time with the boys or girls of the Internet. The closer your score is to 100%, the closer you are to going right out the other side and being a nerd. Geeks rule. Where geeks are socially-inept, nerds are socially incompetent. Not even geeks can take nerds. So let's be careful, huh? Watch a little TV, maybe listen to some popular radio, read a little Stephen King, anything to ensure you can communicate with the 99.44% of the population that isn't all that concerned with the minutiae of whatever it is you happen to be geeky about. It's OK to be a geek, but go much further and you'll be a genuine bore.

Take the Polygeek Quiz at Thudfactor.com

They open meetings with a poetry reading and a moment of silence.



big brother surfaces in wilmington, delaware
busting librarian stereotypes
big brother surfaces in denver.
arrested for driving drunk on the way to perform a bris. yikes.

self described #1 suspect??

um. be careful what you name things.


thinning the herd?
and so it goes


NASA managers today said published media reports suggesting the agency plans to read the minds of potential terrorists go too far and ignore the facts and science behind the research.


a top ten film poll taken once every ten years
what the government calls a coincidence.
job opportunity in new zealand: Candidates will need to be good orators, believers in the fun revolution, and have a good grasp of wizard cosmology.

microgravity research on combustion
julia child's kitchen replicated in smithsonian. includes slide show.
earth from above photo montage


man, being reasonable, must get drunk.
-lord byron
The Matrix depicted humans farmed for energy by computers that, in return, ensnared their minds in a vast simulation that made even Keanu Reeves's acting look convincing - almost.
home school your kids!


Caregivers in Copenhagen have found that pornography and prostitutes have a greater calming effect on their elderly patients than traditional medical treatment

ok, so the ark of the covenant might actually be in ethiopia, not some government storage house.
i hope this isn't an urban legend - i like this idea best of all...
d'oh! should have checked an urban legend page...
RIAA fucks w/ computer proficient music lovers. RIAA loses.


more evidence of trepanation in the news - i doubt that no anesthetic was used tho. i guess there's no real proof, either way. just the holes in the skulls.
hawaii makes the guinness book of world records with the jet powered fire truck
ever wonder about military intelligence? not anymore.


eat your heart out dear abby


julia child's secret to long life? red meat and gin. just don't smoke.


now this is multi-tasking
anthropologists and war - an npr discussion. (real player)
"that's right, women are smarter"
The famous male explorers of history--Scott of the Antarctic, Marco Polo, Magellan and the like--covered a lot of ground, but the slow, steady migration of women is what really matters in the gene pool."
"The study conducted by reasearchers at the University of California, Los Angeles claimed that consumers reading a brand name do not treat it like any other word - instead they activate parts of the brain normally used to process emotions."

wouldn't this sort of condition folks in kind of a bad way?
good luck on this one
romer's gap filling up.


blogging gets media coverage. listen here.
"Ashcroft's plan, disclosed last week but little publicized, would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy combatants."


and to lighten the mood - more librarians!
propaganda? during wartime?


"it's big and black and icky and we are small and dinky it's a big universe and we're not"

and that "slim to none" crap in the article. how can a chance in an infinite system be slim to none? isn't it an infinite chance?

argh. nature published these idjits???
librarian caught absconding w/ county funds.
you know, people have been around alot longer than toilets. makes you wonder if hemorrhoids are a culture bound sydrome...
aha! the first official detection of irony on this blog...
some people are so desperate for order and certainty. actually i like this idea, but it is pretty scary. what's next? second law of thermodynamics on the books in l.a.? maybe it already is...


i still think a woman invented beer.
england is considering the addition of 'none of the above' to their voting choices...
hot damn!
phew! i mean, i hope so...

sometimes, one has to take one's pleasures where one finds them...


jillenium was kind enough to link to this site...
i just don't know what to say. the options are so numerous. is this an evolutionary reason for lesbianism? a way for female runners to get an edge in co-ed races? the list goes on. read about it here.
even for the black market, it's location location location
spyware sucks

parrots are smart, be careful what you steal.

the idea that man is the only animal to make tools has (hopefully) completely gone now.

informative, if incomplete, article from nytimes online about the big shakeup in human origins theories this summer. (login required, you can use this one: login= bnfblog password = blogger)

freaks and geeks invade wisconsin.

customer service sucks. vent here.

a reason against light pollution. perseid shower coming soon.

in what is sure to be a long list of photographers dying on the job, let's start here.