why is australia the only country where irony is detected in the press these days? well, ok - i guess the press didn't detect irony on its own here, but it is ironic that the us asks israel to stop violating un resolutions so that the us can nail iraq on violating un resolutions, and along the way - uh, violate some un resolutions??
paypal scam.
big brother spotted in california
western hegemony fails miserably - once again.
off the grid urban living.


try to get valium without health insurance. then read this. it's enough to make you start smoking again.
google brought people to my site using "down like an altar boy" and "socially inept quiz" mwahahaha.
underground just fine thank you very much.
capitalism + software = evil
h4x0r5 h34r7 g00g43 - happy birthday google!!!


article fails to mention it's the WHO conducting the experiment
get your war on
big brother spotted in san fran.


random link generator
who would get the receipt fo rthe donation?
sappy, but wonderful news story.
national lawyers guild (dot org) describe your rights.
amd caves in to world domination demands of darth gates
history of secret human experimentation


everything you know is wrong - take the quiz.
weird people, but the word penis is in the story over and over.
another report on how the media goes down like an altar boy
hm. not sure whether this is ironic...

"We don't have any rules or regulations against the Confederate flag, what we do have on the dress code is that students can't convey messages that are culturally insensitive," school principal Tom Sawyer said.


oh, i see. this is how we are so sure iraq has biological weapons. we shipped them ourselves.

this issue is far more complicated than is given credit. female sexuality is still a mystery to modern western science. and violence women is rampant across the globe. clean your own yard first, is what i say. glass houses and all that. and don't even get me started on the male genital mutilation regularly practiced in the west.
big brother spotted in ny
imf and world bank screw everything up.
more penis theory
irony detected. or maybe it's just stupidity.


physics applets. need i say more?
giving shooting up a new meaning
wild west in mexico
just picturing bush going through this was a hoot.
cage silence issue settled out of court for six figures. priceless quotes inside.


i wish i'd thought of that...i couldn't have said it any better myself:
"Pornographers have learned that online personal ads provide them with a fantastic opportunity to do some very targeted marketing."
someone mapped fetishes.
field guide to the north american male. needs work, but has potential.
i hope this lives up to the hype. i'll go see it, no doubt.
'give me a million bucks and i'll tell you how you're gonna die'...now that's marketing. see, cause you could just look at your predecessors, the lifestyle you live, and get hit by a bus.


lovecraft search engine. guess what it's called....
a hero before she can even vote!
if matter has weight and takes up space, then scientists have produced its opposite - nothing! er, i mean antimatter.


evil by any other name.


damn. tryin to quit. smoking, not coffee.


kuro5hin.org has a look at penis theft
this is what i'd do if i were rich. course, this is probably why i'll never be rich.
you knew this would happen sooner or later.


slow news day.

did the flag on the moon mean more than we got their first? does the us govt. own the right to say who goes to the moon? did i miss something? and check out the artist's rendition. i heart bbc.


hee hee. plegm puppies.
top eleven signs you are becoming a geek. i hit at least three or four here. yikes.
more penises in the news. hm. peni?
canadian pm announces plans to get his own country.
brain surgeon announces new theory (hypothesis?) for consciousness. only the abstract is free online.
microsoft announces plans to build the deathsta...uh, take over the worl...uh, destroy the first ammendme...uh, create copyright laws of it's own.
genetic flaws' cause identified in cloning process
visually stunning indeed.
opinion piece about opinion piece. whether you agree or not, it sure is amusing to see the media with it's head up it's own ass.
ya gotta laugh.
keep running into this, i like the "flee" in quotes in the caption.
hypocricy discussed in texas news column.
interesting narrative piece. investigative reporter looks into prior knowledge rumors.
big brother spotted in arlington.


you say gang violence i say soldiers
they call her chucky
an infinite number of monkeys
But brute strength does not always add up to leadership, and raw power rarely fosters the sense of international common purpose needed to address problems with the environment, disease, immigration, or global economic stability. -xtian science monitor reporting.

no shit. any anthropologist worth their salt would know this. the practice is not used as a punishment. stupid western hegemony.


talk about evolution
forbidden thoughts - not as interesting as it sounds.
stormy poets
spacedotcom is so cool. this is about volcanoes.
l33t translator and more


cruel and unusual punishment

login required, if you don't have one and don't want your own, try username=bnfblog; password=blogger.
physics brings you the perfectly calculated beer glass.
you say tourist, they say terrorist
this is just too cool.
this either goes under 'thinning the herd' or 'you cannot change the laws of physics'. not sure yet which one.
but isn't buying something the way to "stop the terrorists from winning"?
irony detection available in australia today
salman rushdie detects irony



does anyone wonder where coyote legends come from?


einstein all over the bbc
this is pretty cool, if you like geek stuff.
speaking of anniversaries...
but is it a day off?


this is great...heroic even.

What revolution are You?
Made by altern_active

-well it was either this, the hippy or the french revolution. very strange little quiz.
wow, all sorts of stuff going on out there...

this is a nice service. gotta love frick and frack.

and this is just weird.

"The police told me I had to be in the designated free-speech area. That's a contradiction in terms," he said.

if a terrorist is one who causes terror...

i guess the tips thing set their minds to a new way to advertise...

afternapster - but watch out, kazaa has spyware all over it.

big brother seen in iowa.


best caption ever
geek humor
top of the food chain? i think not.
irony detected.
pop culture gone mad.


after ceece and her dresser
i just laughed.
folklorists rejoice! carny lingo.
i really don't know what use this could be to anyone, but it's cool nonetheless.
they got the guns, but we got the numbers


radio invents itself. video surrenders.
monkey god ascends
i guess that's one way to do it...
headline haiku!


it didn't work.
this looks pretty good. an interesting study of religions across time and space.
uk proposes children to play in traffic
russian art - with a thing for their own barcode
metaspy on metacrawler searches
planet krulik!