deer exact some revenge on mcd's.

the internet jargon pervades, reveals its participants.
finally getting back on schedule, some of these may be old news to you by now, but in the efforts to catch up, well...here goes.

personally, i'd rather be called a cunt than a pussy. much more powerful connotations. the book's release is old news, it's just nice to see the word in a headline every now and again.

dog bites man is not news. dog SHOOTS man is.

overheard at the std clinic

nyc busts microsoft & thier stupid tick-ripoff stickers. corporate graffiti indeed. someday, maybe popups will be considered corporate graffiti too.
NYT REGISTRATION: LOGON = payyourauthors PASSWORD = abouttime.


big brother spotted at the mall



one small victory

one big mistake


the vulcan's have a saying, only nixon can go to china. i suppose it follows that only clinton can go to harlem.

this should be interesting. h4x0r calls microsoft on their shit.

that's what i can do with them!

l33t h4x0r kevin mitnick's laptop up for bid. autographed and everything. help pay his lawyers fees!

behold the power of cheese

here there be tygers


i always wondered...

here there be tygers

big brother spotted in california

now i've seen it all

the oldest video game

bow down before the one you serve

oj not 100% sure he didn't kill his wife

yeah, this is a good idea.

dumbass pc bullshit fuckheads


mercs business doing very well these days.

(btw, nyt username/password: payyourauthors / abouttime)
pain is relative, for redheads it's worse.
it's a bird it's a plane
i'm going to hell - laughed and laughed at this.
america to canada - get yer own country, will ya? and while yer at it, speak american
still illegal to fornicate in georgia.
follow up - satire. warning, site blinks and flashes at you.
statistics - hee hee.


noam chomsky chimes in

don't say fuck it, duct it!

big brother spotted in europe

it's just crazy enough to work

ptsd is all in your head.

doesn't anyone read the history books anymore? i mean, seriously, what are they thinking appointing a president??


dildo enthusiast.

we have the technology - also, apparently one of the only places of higher education to be receiving more money from the gov't.

forbidden thoughts continued.

personally - i'm saving up my camelcash for the iron lung.

a script of our very own

off the grid urban living part three

the earth died screaming while i lay dreaming

this should be very interesting.


k├Ânnen wir Ihre Papiere sehen, bitte?

wtf are they smoking at ibm?

you know it couldn't have lasted very long. imho, the guy has done more for peace than any other president - and they all have blood on their hands.

ah, modern technology.

ever wonder what they really think in the white house? or if they even do?


this is great stuff. i used to believe.
instant karma update - the best lessons are myths - we knew this, right?

jimmy hoffa buried beneath golden arches

wild west in australia - update.

big brother spotted at fbi

hmm. audioblogger...


auschwitz number origins at ibm.

poor hawai'i

instant karma

i'm so glad.


top ten blunders in the war on terror

maybe this isn't such a good idea...

and so it goes

but we have our ways of hiding


while i will argue that running is not a sport - it's either a hobby or a method of training for a sport - this is pretty freaking cool.

i always thought betel would sell itself.

irony detected!

fda thwarts big brother. (that's only ironic to my cynical mind)

i love this. nearly telepathy.
ari fleischer violates geneva convention. this is an opinion piece, but still gets the point across.
so far as i know, the death card in the tarot deck represents change. stupidheads.


off the grid urban living part 2

new planet quaoar discovered. good thing, since pluto isn't a planet anymore.

save the planet! eat your young!

instant karma's gonna get you

big brother spotted online

you can't beat this headline

here there be tygers

art imitates life

chicago tribune/nyt login: username: payyourauthors password: abouttime (thanks librarian.net)
you tell me that it's evolution, well you know.


jeb bush admits to evil - satirically of course.
south carolina radio station manager plays god.
while the supreme court is up for sale, disney takes a look.
big brother spotted in denver


some xtian is really pissed off. at xtians and the gov't! what a lovely change. wwjd indeed. in deed
irony detected in ohio
mmm...floor pi...
you know the riaa is evil if even the phone company seems like the good guy.
big brother spotted in nyc
i guess that's one way to thin the herd - i see it now - mall rage, ad rage? hmm. i know i'd go ballistic if someone did that to me.
what's worse than terror? why, horror of course...



artist depicts photoshopped children to depict horrific reality of child abuse

boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses

i couldn't have suggested a better idea myself. it's really easy to start a war if you know you're not gonna die. (thanks michaelmoore)

for cryin out loud

and this - best for the pic in the top story. the firetruck, the firetruck.

a good day for irony detectives:

-st. louis
-who (more people kill themselves than are murdered)
-us military secrets done in by capitalism
-war on terror


wrongful life suit. glad he won.
walmart blatently disregards the law. in other news, water is wet.
poetic terrorism - see hakim bey
satellite photo of louisianna under seige.


amazon.com makes me laugh and laugh and laugh
sharks move up the food chain. find it not that difficult in florida.
this looks pretty cool. think about enviromental effects as opposed to cremation.
war on drugs working as well as war on terror.
tell me again what is a terrorist? who are terrorists in this story?
people. starting. to. get. it. so. slow. argh.
big brother spotted in australia
aol time warner under consideration for disney buy out, should the bid to be big brother be accepted by microsoft. headquarters to be on deathstar - said to be in prodction.
ah, i fell for it - hook line and sinker.
suitcase size hail.
retired marine colonel asks the same questions everyone is asking..
largest find of human sacrifices in southamerica.


after 12 years of meditation, someone figured something out.
this made me laugh out loud when i didn't feel much like laughing.
private companies hold answers re: wtc collapse. public to be notified, perhaps.
make love not war - 21st century style. wtf? rufies? valium?
yeah, right.
adhd makes the lawbooks - big brother cackles w/ glee.
georgia slips one step further back into the primordial ooze - or one step closer to god, depending on how you look at it.
mit offers free sampling of coursework online.