flash pong. sort of. fun, harder than it looks.

gee, ya think the working conditions for the disney employees might have something to do w/ it?

he must have learned it somewhere...

there are more things on heaven and earth...


string theory, meet einstein.

nyc residents pass a 'wartime tax'. isn't this how income tax started?

one of the funnier sites on the web - new calanders...

seems fairly obvious, it's interesting that they've measured it.

nanotech here we come

this sucks

this looks fun - wake up

intel amd wars

what's funny about this is the math. (ganga for US$9k per ounce?)

jazz poster causes controversy

"all those extra people"

finally! some laughs. marketing still has its flaws...

uh, don't touch those trees - they're glowing.


sorry about the wait folks.

i have tons of stuff for you now...

ray guns!

free searchable public records databases. by state.

one step closer to jacking in...

sounds of the worlds animals. anthropology is all around us.

a reasonable complaint. god, you can just change the names and use this article for any corp.

full text of bin laden's letter to west.

internet stormtroopers ironically guard against nazi sites.

library bans itself. more irony.

conspiracy theories more credible than white house.

democrats twice as likely to die in plane crashes?

watch out for them quarks, man...

no shit.

irony detected in microsoft software. take microsoft off your trusted programs list. seriously.

microsoft whitepaper lauds unix

nyhaa haa!

fuck, where is thy sting? good for cunt tho...



if i were a breeder, i would teach my kids this FIRST THING. as in, they'd recite it by the age of three.
big brother spotted in alabama, virginia

irony detected...and again

sorcery is afoot


this seems about right if everyone is to remain afraid.

just in case you hadn't seen this yet.

irony detected.

old school!

how to...

this is a repeat, but a fun site

get your war on. with numbers like this, tell me there won't be a draft.

ooh, shiny.

morpheus? a new low? say it ain't so...

lesser-known Simpsons character are you?

Brought to you by the good folks at sacwriters.com.


nuns at war for peace

nasty stats on gulf war vets

first thing we do, kill all the lawyers (i forget who said this, shakespeare?)

maybe the party was a bad idea

irony detected (filmmaker who wants to change views on beauty once dumped a guy cause he was ugly)

get your war on

last one across finish line at nyc marathon


browser hijacked? here's some help.

sims is a cool game, but limited in its cultural frame of reference. it's interesting what they're planning to do, but i doubt it'll be accurate.

just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

the case against privatization of social security.

big brother spotted in georgia and in london.

life imitates art

truly this is a wonderful place we have come to.


fun with statistics

a gaggle of geek

priceless for the quote at the bottom

big brother spotted in maryland posting flyers

was wellstone murdered? (just a poll, but fun for the results)


they have the guns but we have the numbers
three more commandments found



they got the guns but we got the numbers

ooh, cool new cdw - old school!


one step closer to jacking in. or is it jacking off?

cornell university considers selling vibrators in the dispensary.

ethnobotany must be suffering some sever financial cutbacks - anything to make the press.

you say crusade, i say jihad

trying to erase mistakes from the internet proves troublesome.

nambia resists the dark side.
hold that tiger

clues to the birth of stars

the human footprint

reporters sans frontieres

damn. sadam's email hacked.

it's either irony or the wurm turns