bbspot made a funny
powers of ten


erotic response to the state of the union, poetic like
surplus, what surplus?
batteries not included


fun new buzzword in astronomy: coevolution.
heh, actually, i am prone to capitalize here...HAHAHAHAHAHA
read between the lines of the state of the union/end of the world address...
anarchists and the fine art of torture
kurt vonnegut quotes



mars, god of war and planet in the solar system, will be closer to earth than he's/it's been since homo sapien first walked the earth. and you thought the war was all about the oil. kaliyuga.
feathered dinosaur found w/ four wings.


can't wait for to find this...
almost everything you ever wanted to know about piles, but were afraid to ask...i heart oz...
they have no plans to distribute this. very sad. genoma music...
makes sense to me
updating...sporadic...need structure...time...soon...

sex toy review


I Am

Which tarot card are you?

einstein 1
newton 0

epidemiology in the news.

anyone got a telescope?

tobacco ad guy dies of, guess what?

i want to believe...

us spams iraq