nobel whatstheoppositeofpeace? award nominees

go western hegemony

poor croc hunter - at least he was mad at himself and not the critter...

i knew it. landmark study on women's friendships.


these are popping up everywhere...
who's more foolish? the fool or the fool who follows him?


there's nothing on the internet


Noctilucent clouds

ptsd research being done on special forces

this is such a load of hooey

this is great. especially on this anniversary.

i've got parking on the brain

geez - i hope this leads to better pain management in the west. i doubt it, since i think it's the hegemony...just read the damn headline fer cryin out loud...

oh, and speaking of anniversaries...



laughter for you today.
thought crime detectable
at least the guy has a sense of humor about it.
in search of the left.


i'm horrified, i'm laughing, i can't look away...
not just a congressman, but the head of a homeland security subcommittee, spouts big brother rhetoric on local talk show.

mediawhore of the week

i guess this is actually a good sign. big brother is indeed incompetent. likely to remain so.
optics revolution - blackest black ever.

cvs - computer vision syndrome named.

this is different from your corporate use of spyware - this guy did it for personal gain.



john cage's 'as slow as possible' begun in germany, birthplace of organ. well, the notes to the song have begun to play. the song's meant to last as long as the organ. 639 years.


this is a joke, but really i wish that this were.
just in case you'd like another perspective. irony detected by arabnews.com.

this is great fun, especially for the last paragraph.

now, i'm not sure that this is exactly irony. but it sure is telling.

am i reading this right? they want to propell spaceships with nukyouler power??


that's right, kids. the us gov't would never test chemicals on it's own people. just like agent orange, gulf war syndrome, etc are all 'unproven'. that's what the bad guys do. you do know that the new homeland security bill that just passed protects manufacturers of vaccinations from class action lawsuits, don't you? (warning - second link .pdf file)
this will get the fatcat attention. cuba embargo will fall, now, to be sure.