this is pretty cool - i doubt they'll ever be able to prove that homo heidelbergensis held rituals of any sort, but there's no such thing as a 'simple' primate, and i bet there never was.

i heart vonnegut - i can't believe it took me three months to stumble across this.


stupid supreme court. appoint the president. then, without comment, refuse to deal with the mess.


chronic pain alters brain chemistry. i knew it.
how many people are surprised at this?
no blood for smokes?
librarians and patriot act-ivism:

political courage

what you and your library can do...

intellectual freedom within the (librarian) profession.

signs signs, everywhere a sign.


war on freedom news first:

If the nation escalates to "red alert," which is the highest in the color-coded readiness against terror, you will be assumed by authorities to be the enemy if you so much as venture outside your home, the state's anti-terror czar says.

Thank you for revealing to the world the gulf that exists between the decisions made by those in power and the wishes of the people.

Even longtime journalists and media watchers are having a tough time making sense of the enormous amount of information pouring onto TV screens courtesy of the most TV-friendly war in history.

Great Iraq Conflict Coverage Gallery

the military's laptop of choice

duck and cover 21st century style

lest we forget these are people we're bombing

big brother awards

and then there's some anthropology news and stuff

and i'm not sure how to classify this, seems to fit in both of the above categories


apple rolls over - again.


there's lots of stuff to catch up on, so here goes...

moab - mother of all bombs, affectionately named.

more fun with drugs math. at the prices claimed in this article, that weed sold for US$572 an ounce.

another slow news day...(nytimes login - corporatemedia password - stillsucks)

lies no one cares about. kaliyuga.

o, canada

just to make sure everyone got this...

vatican loses keys to heaven. bwahahaha.

big brother employs thought police at baggage check.

the rhetoric of war/genocide.

in other news, still no cure for cancer. ie. fun with statistics...

here's a friendly public service announcement...

jesus, just send me a fucking dollar whydontcha....

well, why the fuck not?

happy googlehacks week!

echoes of william gibson...


it must have been a slow news day.
this is amazing. not the money, but the number of years this guy will have played in his career if he goes the distance.

this is the gem of the month...

masons out recruiting??

this makes a lot of sense to me. the euro does threaten the usdollar...

stupidity should be cured. like cancer.


happy unbirthday - i have a friend who just turned 8 3/4.

another casualty of war

pushing back the "earliest american" date.

the white headhunter

photos of the most distant things we can see...


Ari Gets Laughed Out of the White House Briefing Room - story links to video, in case you don't believe.

the press tried to ask ari about this while they were at it, to no avail.

some folks w/ way too much time on their hands.

and on the 50th anniversary (or near it anyway) of watson and crick's groundbreaking discovery - we get stories like this and this...