black dahlia reveal just bitter spewings of an unloved child?

looters and press passes part 2


cool nanotech carbon experiment...

i am SO glad this guy got caught...

build up of toxins and public health.


when the christian science monitor says so....

little city makes it illegal to comply w/ patriot act.

tech-savvy political activists...oh, yeah.

more speculation on black dahlia killer...

peep surgery - i shit you not.



white buffalo - article is a bit smarmy, but what do you expect from utah?

can you say 'lockdown' boys and girls?

more witchcraft.

does anyone besides france and germany remember hitler?

this guy does.

and of course, hidden in the budget...


neandertal dexterity possible...
war photographs - don't forget don't forget don't forget
529 archaeological sites - mostly stone circles
the dullest blog in the world. (comments are especially fun)
"natural" preference for organic food...