ya wonder what a guy's gotta do to lose any work in washington? lying to congress sure didn't stop poindexter from gaining employ at the pentagon. at least he's out of work again.



followup - apparently the pentagon has decided that the futures market is a bad idea...


well, with around 40 stories to add, i guess it's just best to dive right in.

interesting, and uncited, theory about drumming.

fun with einstein's theories

speculating on the future implications of nanotechnology.

finally! a chink in the armor

awe and terror - this time brought to you by the riaa

why am i not surprised?

computer voting vulnerable to fraud?? really??? (nyt link)

here's a guy defiling the flag...

"If that sounds counterintuitive in a free society, and at a trade show where the media were invited, perhaps that's just part of the post-9/11 reality."

mark one score for the hippies!

it's all complete bullshit anyway.

easing the way for conspiracy theories

keep an eye on these guys...operation 'rescue'

this is funny cause i know some alumni...

i've been following this for awhile, just never posting it.

more bullshit

ok, how about a humor break. well, i guess it's funny depending on your point of view.

this sucks, so does this and this and this

ok, this is fun - a gauge to see if we're hip to the weirdnews

amazing. just amazing.

bruce campbell fans click here.

why not? no one else is teaching this...

interesting library stuff.

tom lehrer flash

be careful here - fun yet dizzying optical illusion.

this looks bad for sony...


shell game

still think we're making it better?

map thieves, librarians, it's just great stuff...

irony detected

first 'americans' date in the news.


if you didn't think he was lying yesterday, have a look at this.

microsoft's plans to take over the world seem to be well underway...

and here we go again.

this is pretty cool.


geez, where to start. well, there's the morale reality/pr question...

then there's the 'when did the war actually start' question

and now orrin hatch wants arnold to become president.

this article claims that freud started the idea (100 years ago???) but i really thought it was marx.

freedom of political expression? probably not. it seems it's all a big joke.

and in case anyone thought that the west is the best...

this is a no-brainer

and the fifty second state will be.... canada, eh?

it makes me wanna just make a run for it


now, this is a welcome change...

this is interesting...
i wonder if vegas has odds on oz becoming 51st state...

unfortunately, there's a ton of bad news today.


mathematicsand the supreme court

this is great - lest we forget...

megacorp? small business? same thing...

terrorist information act - death by legislation? one can only hope...


it's all in the marketing.

pat robertson's dirty money.

well, they told us that they would lie. and never apologize...

bush in jeep, elephants in the mood. w/ pic.



depending on your own pov, this is either enlightened or ironic.

when anthropologists get angry...

playground violence and self-tickling block found to be hard-wired.

but this says nothing about women geniuses.

adorable dog running for office in small corrupt town.

games and games

oragami underground - nsfw.

why did the chicken cross the road? celebrities tell all.

gotta watch out for them voices, man.

the encyclopedia of stupidity

hurricane tracker - so cool

just what i thought.


elusive particles

cruisin for a bruisin

more on that plane that's mia

information is power

the stuff legends are made of

patriot act: the sequel is stirring resistance

so what if they lie?

i saw this on the tv - amazing. i want to try.

applied social sciences

dear abbey taking urban legend letters

"i pledge allegiance to the plaintiff - the united states of america"


i guess this was only a matter of time.

ok, ok. i give in - the picture is too good. saw this yesterday, but it's all over the place now.

x-box update (hackers v. microsoft)

irony? or self fulfilling prophecy...

what part of "this isn't a good idea" do you think the soldiers misunderstood?

this is interesting...

and so is this...and this...

this is brilliant

and this is fun.


there's only so much math you can do before you actually have to see what happens.
lian li aquarium side panel.

this is depressing.

aboriginal australian rock art site revealed.

dust cloud seems to have an opinion about its own demise...

this again...

this is terrible

and more witchcraft being blamed...this time with deadly results.

this is completely bizarre - anyone see that movie - the player?

my hero


when the ridiculous becomes the sublime.

and some interesting linguistic stuff.