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General asshats
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Gray Davis
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

The Pope
Circle IV Rolling Weights

NAMBLA Members
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Circle VII Burning Sands

Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Bill Gates, George Bush
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell


stupid human tricks

"I find it ironic that the pledge is a priority among legislators, instead of putting money into the schools," said Sarah Simmons, an English teacher at Hobby Middle School. "Ironic, but not surprising."

cool. creepy, but cool.

when cultures change...

and change

and, well, change.

then there's change thrust upon cultures...

inquiry called for in murder of journalist.

violence breeding violence

another dying language

the best news ever. depending on your point of view...

remember the taliban?

grid glitches...

this is cool as hell

the search (quest?) for the lost ark of the covenant...

is this ironic or just stupid?

hm. librarians aren't usually like this.

why won't anyone say what happened?

anthropology is so cool

billions of dollars, the best high tech research has to offer, and they like the centuries-old tool.

scary stuff...

irony detected! (this guy played the jockey who got trampled in the flick 'seabiscuit')

looking for one answer in a sea of...

"I don't think judges are any more susceptible to being swayed by campaign contributions than the president of the U.S." if it wasn't so scary, i would laugh out loud. a short barking laugh that would indicate disbelief at the balls this guy has, then i'd sink into a depression when i realize that's what the tobacco companies are best at...

irony detected!




spray on electronics

irony detected!


look up the dictionary definition of a 'weed', then read this.

welcome to 1984/are you ready for the third world war?

agent orange in vietnam

what behavior money will allow...

unabomber wants his stuff back, the smoking gun is there.

it's all just a mess.

don't you think they should've known about this before it went into people's systems?

how do you know she's a witch?

more robots in the news

folklore as warfare. think about it.

feel safe yet?

the birth of an island

The money held in the trust fund set up as a result amounted to half the nation's annual income.

nomenclature wars in space

folklore caught on film

more on otzi...

more on big cats

celtic shrine dug up

update your patches!

apparently, saints have to appear, well, saintly.

it's been cloudy here - maybe not where you are?

more on the worm, but check out the quote embedded in the software...(halfway down the page)


musical anthropology, liguistics and neurology all wrapped up in one article.

this is too cool - pics at middle of article.

it's official - shoot first and ask questions later. great.

australia doesn't quite get it.

this is a nice way to make a statement.

this is exciting stuff - ion engines...

this is expected

ashcroft wants a blacklist of judges.

a very brave lady...

update on the vatican document thing - guess it's true. [and we gotta love that headline...]

irony detected!

and again!

"Blatant tobacco industry marketing tactics like this one are very disturbing, yet they aren't very surprising to us," said Gwendolyn Young, a board member of the American Lung Association of California. "What it really shows is the tobacco industry is continuing to use these deceptive strategies to lure people of all ages into a deadly addiction."

this was so very christian of them...

i really don't remember buddha saying anything about lethal injection...

no surprises here, or here or here.

victory by any other name smells as sweet (particularly in the morning...)

tell me there's no unrest in florida...

they don't even give a shit, do they.

this is interesting - i still wish they knew more about what was going on in there.

what a neat project.


hacker hit parade

stupid americans

either it's been forced to look elsewhere for its natural habitat or it's a deformity...

milgram theory holds true for internet.

the new nuclear era??

The numbers were put into two equations, one for the man and one for the woman. The couples were being tested every two years and the theory predicted almost 100 percent correctly which couples would stay together and which did not.

i knew this would happen, i thought there'd be more of it tho...

microsoft apologises! not to you or me tho...

chicago, chicago

this will be fun to watch unfold...

otzi had a companion?

remember that food chain folks?

this is too cool...

this made me laugh.

irony detected once again!

this is soo dangerous - i've been there and those people drive like maniacs...

Just because Europe's classical statues had small penises, Wignall wrote, does not mean Jamaica must follow suit.

support our troops - look at what they come home like! isn't that what you want for your kids/fathers/mothers/brothers/sisters etc?

amish humor

jobless recovery, is that like jumbo shrimp? military intelligence?

free access to medical research - this is rather heroic...



i like the idea about a film in latin, i don't like the idea about such a pathetic script. c'mon, man. ya gotta be able to do better...

this story just won't quit...so, here ya go. this is still popping up too.

this is amazing - indict a ham sandwich? nah, we'll just go after the dna.

journalist beaten by troops. guess who?

it takes a village.

seen the matrix yet?

i'm shocked, shocked to learn of corruption! yikes

survival gene kicks ass

this is a neat pic.


not sure if this belongs under 'irony detected' or 'now i've seen everything'...
take back the media - flash movie w/ sound.

this is an amazing trend - visual representation of psychosis.

pacific bell sues riaa for privacy violations.

the quest for a telescope/camera that will identify dark matter...

will there be a color-coded warning system for this now too?

i got 8/10

looks like they missed a decimal point in their favor again. ($220 for one dose of 'x'?)

be afraid. be very afraid.

counterpunch reports on guatamala.

sick shit going on these days.

i know i'm overposting on this story, i just can't get enough...

this is pretty nasty, wondering about toxic packages coming in, since they worked at the airport and all.

evil corporations are plotting against you.

anyone seen fight club?

gop reveals its nature on website.

this is quite interesting

"Pound for pound, forget gold, forget diamonds. There is nothing more valuable on Earth than an inkjet cartridge."


yeah, we are doing so much good over in the middle east...

and in heroic news this week...

and i thought this would come from fractal geometry - the way the four day forecast did...

anyone who's got tons of cash lying around could buy me this...

nasty news all over.

mars is cool

this will be interesting to see how it all plays out.